The term `Brush Up` basically means to improve your knowledge of something previously learned but later partly forgotten. In terms of Talking Radio`s specialty focus, the application of Radio Telephony (RT) during two-way radio communications requires the user to be familiar with their RT terminologies, and the application thereof.

Although RT communications normally becomes common practise for the user over any given period, there is the possibility of one forgetting what to say on frequency due to related factors such as: (NOTE - list that follows is non-exhaustive)

  • The complexity of the RT term/terms
  • Minimum exposure to `live` RT communications
  • The anticipation of having to speak on frequency
  • Hearing your own voice while making a transmission

So, in this instance, when one refers to RT `Brush Up`, it does not necessarily mean that the user needs to only familiarise with the RT terms, it could also mean that they require additional guidance with items such as:

  1. Preparing to make a transmission
  2. Making a transmission
  3. Replying to a transmission

 To explain further, here is an RT term for example that is not often used, and when it does it could have a different meaning to all on frequency at the time:


Meaning 1: I am prioritising who I intend speaking to first on Frequency

Meaning 2: All users on frequency to maintain radio silence until further notice while I am transmitting due to an emergency in progress

Can you now see the significance of Brushing Up on your RT understanding and application, especially when making transmissions in a discipline that you may not be entirely accustomed to.

Two-way radio communications is clearly not just about knowing what to say, it`s also about understanding the implication of the outcome when not applying the correct transmission protocol.

For more information re: one – on – one Live RT Brush Up training sessions please email dylan@talkingradio.net