Drone Store


Drone Runway Construction

We facilitate companies (large, medium or small) with the development of their tailor-made runway, taxiway or hangarage requirements using composite base rig mat technology known as Pro-Aero.

Remote Operator Certification for Drones

Let us assist you with your Commercial or Corporate Remote Operator Certification application so that you may operate legally in accordance with that State`s regulations.


Our drone facilitation services by qualified consultants Air Traffic Controllers include general related facilitation plus drone tracking and monitoring while you operate within the limits of controlled and uncontrolled airspace.  

Back-end Logistics

This includes assisting your company in being better equipped to meet the RPAS tasks/projects that you still intend undertaking, by applying a risk mitigation process and utilising a spreadsheet programme. The intention of this aspect of the business is to identify all of the relevant RPAS equipment that is part of your business with specific focus on maintenance and servicing records.

Drone Pilot Training School

Our experience will ensure that you have all of the necessary paperwork in place (including all the relevant study material) to apply for your CAA accreditation and will cover all regulatory requirements in order to be licensed to operate your drone pilot flight training school legally.

Field Operations Manual

It is worth you considering making use of this Manual when proceeding to the site that you intend conducting your next drone project at, and is designed for keeping track of your drone related work and away from the office.  

You are welcome to download our free Field Operations Checklist, just please remember that is to be used in conjunction with your Field Operations Manual.

Safety Oversight

Our experienced Consultants can provide you with all of the necessary safety oversight facilitation to, amongst others, prepare your registered operation adequately for CAA ad-hoc surveillance and annual audits.

Drone Operational Templates

There are numerous templates that are available for both recreational and commercial drone operators, that cover all aspects of a safe drone operation. 

You are welcome to download our free Field Operations Checklist, just please remember that is to be used in conjunction with your Field Operations Manual.

Please feel free to contact us on dylan@talkingradio.net if you have any queries.