The Madhatter’s RT Party

The Madhatter’s RT Party

We decided for this blog edition to introduce RT terminologies in our article, through the utilisation of Radio Telephony lingo spoken between `actors` in our own especially adapted pantomime. It has been developed for all who understand and enjoy two-way radio communication lingo. For those of you who may be learning Radio Telephony, this is a fun way of learning the application of radio telephony within your own personal space. Enjoy! 

The scene is set, the Mad Hatter has called for a meeting of all the Supervisors to discuss recent operational events affecting communications that require clarification:

Madhatter:: Mr. Scribe, please note the Minutes of this Meeting commencing now at 1400 Zulu

Mr. Scribe: Copied, Wilco

Madhatter:: Colleagues, thank you for accepting your joining clearances and welcome. I have identified a recent series of mis-communication events on frequency, which I wish to bring to all your attention at this time, any objections before we proceed?

Participating Members: Negative! (Boastfully expressed at the same time, by all present).

Madhatter: Splendid, Mr. Scribe…please transmit the reported incident in sequence…

Mr. Scribe: Roger, Footpatrol Charlie Victor passed their ETA to Ops once they had established contact and advised that they were returning to Base, but the recorded time was readback incorrectly. In addition, this error was not identified By Ops on frequency!

Madhatter: Mr. Ops can you broadcast your thoughts on this reported incident?

Mr. Ops: Affirm, the impounded script indicates the readback of 1520 instead of 1250 UTC. There was however scalloping at the time caused by the squelch not been set correctly, which possibly affected the transmission, and this incident has subsequently been addressed….

Mr. Engineer: Standby Mr. Ops, are you sure this is the correct reported incident under discussion?

Mr. Ops: Mr. Engineer, say again your last

Mr. Engineer: Mr. Ops, I say Again, are you sure this is the correct reported incident under discussion?

Mr. Ops: Affirm Mr. Engineer, I say Again, 1520 Instead of 1250 UTC.

Mr. Engineer: Copied

Madhatter: Mr. Ops please kindly comms. with me at the end of this meeting regarding the impounding process of the said tape, BREAK, still standingby the completed attendance register for last week’s meeting…

Mr. Ops: Copied I will relay to my Team to have this recording on standingby… correction… standby, BREAK - copied the attendance register request, will follow up and revert

Madhatter: Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for your time today, please proceed to stand down.