Radio Operator Certificate of Competence Telephony Mock Exam

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Offshore Radio Operator - A person who works on a radio station that broadcasts from a ship or platform in International waters.

Prepare for the high seas with our * Offshore Radio Operator Certificate of Competence (ROCC) Theoretical Mock Exam. Designed to mimic real-world scenarios, this comprehensive test hones your skills in maritime communication, navigation procedures, and emergency protocols. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in offshore radio operation, this exam offers invaluable practice to ensure you're ready to navigate the waves and keep communications clear in any situation.

Ideal for Radio Operator, Helicopter Landing Officer, Helideck Assistant and Supply Vessel Watch-keeper when communicating on an Aeronautical VHF Radio. Make sure you are prepared for effective communication in diverse offshore requirements.

This Mock Exam has been developed to meet the syllabus requirements of:

1. RIC16 -  Canada
3. Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority
4. Federal Communications Commission
5. Malaysia CAA

This mock exam can also be utilised as a `Brush-Up` application by licensed personnel.

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