Radio Telephony Mock Exam for IFR Pilots

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IFR Pilot - (An Instrument Flight Rules) Pilot is certified to fly an aircraft solely with reference to instruments in conditions where visual references are not available or reliable).

Test your Radio Telephony (RT) Skills by attempting this Mock Examination, comprising of 1,000 "choose the correct answer" styled questions, which has been designed to assist you in assessing your understanding of Aeronautical communication on frequency at an IFR Level. 

Whether you are preparing to write an online RT examination, gearing up for your practical RT evaluation or simply just assessing your level of understanding with respect to Aeronautical communications for IFR Pilots, then this online Mock examination has been developed to equip you with a thorough overview of Radio Telephony adapted to Instrument Flight Rules requirements.

This Radio Mock Exam is suitable for the following radio licenses by countries contracted as a member state under ICAO (Article 30 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation):

- Flight Radio Telephone Operators License (FRTOL) – Kenya and New Zealand
- Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) – Australia
- General Radio Telephony License – South Africa
- Restricted Radio Telephone Operators Permit (RROP) – USA (for all American registered aircraft intending to fly outside the borders of America)
- Aircraft Radio Operator Approval (AROA) Singapore

NOTE: Both the theory and practical assessments for this Radio License need to be conducted by an approved training organisation under the regulatory body for that country that you intend enjoying the privileges of your Aeronautical radio license.

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