Commercial Drone Operator Mock Exam

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This * Radio Telephony (RT) Mock Exam has been developed to facilitate those Drone Operators who are required to maintain two way radio communications during pre-planned drone operations (missions). The content meets the category requirements for the Authorities as mentioned below, and will assist those students that are preparing for either their RT theory Assessment or practical Evaluation that forms part of the requirements for the issuing of their Remote Pilot Radio Telephony License:

  1. Part 101 - SACAA
  2. Part 107 - FAA
  3. EASA Part - FCL055
  4. AROC
  5. Part 102 - NZCAA

Other designators used to include a Drone Operator Certification include UAV, UAS, RPA, RPAS and SFOC.

 This mock exam can also be utilised as a `Brush-Up` application by licensed personnel or for familiarisation by Recreational Drone Pilots.

NOTE: This Mock Exam can also be attempted in conjunction with the Radio Telephony Mock Examination for Student Pilots which also covers all the associated subjects.

* (1 month subscription renewable)