FRTOL Mock Exam for UK Registered Aircraft

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In order to be competent in Radio Telephony (RT) which is primarily defined as two-way radio communications, the candidate needs to be able to demonstrate their ability to communicate in a proficient manner while on frequency.

The Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence (FRTOL) authorises you to operate an Aircraft Radio Station in a UK registered aircraft.
This * RT Mock Exam has been adapted following FORM SRG2160 (dated 17th April 2023) as a benchmark to ensure that the applicant is adequately prepared for either their Theory Assessment or Practical Evaluation.

The FRTOL is a mandatory licence that is legally required by all pilots operating in the UK. THe FRTOL Mock Exam is also suitable for most EASA registered countries in Europe.

NOTE: Both the theory and practical assessments for this Radio License need to be conducted by an approved training organisation under the regulatory body for that country that you intend enjoying the privileges of your Aeronautical radio license.

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